That Really Is TuningPro chiptuning to the BMW

Your own BMW may perform: Use an energy boost of upto 30 percent for your own BMW in addition to a fantastic awareness of protection. For a lot of BMW types the pieces certification has been comprised. The exact same is true for its thorough assurance of this motor, the search engine direction and also the engine. Additionally, there’s really a 30day money-back assure for everyone that would like to examine and assess the brand new driving pleasure with no strain. Chiptuning bmw: installing and testing,Power Control installed in the BMW M235i ,25 percent more electricity and torque.


The advanced technological innovation of the power control chip balancing optimizes the motor control platform of one’s BMW, also hence gets the a lot of the existent prospective. Power control for the BMW make use of the company’s in built tolerances with out repainting the motor and drive train. This implies enhanced worth including torque, performance, emissions and gas intake from every possible driving requirements for the car or truck. This tech can be used with particulate filters not to mention TÜV analyzed. And also a automobile warranty has contained without the extra price.

Power control – BMW Recruitment: The Benefits
uncomplicated Setup
Easy setup having a plug-in-Method
Deinstallation potential any-time
thorough guarantee
two yr warranty available on TuningPro and products
Adding TÜV-part certification for more than 3.300 auto versions
purchasing with full confidence
30day money-back assure
Beginning from 399 £ incl. VAT. For the BMW
Buy due to (just inside Germany and Austria) and hirepurchase potential inside our on-line store

BMW chiptuning from the picture: BMW 135i around the dyno inTuningPro
Today it’s the switch: Much more driving and power pleasure using aTuningPro PowerBox along with PedalBox.

You’re curious just how a lot more energy is concealed within your auto?
Do the TuningPro operation test. Only pick out your motor vehicle and realize the dramatic outcome!

BMW tuning by TuningPro Techniques is currently Readily Available for all these BMW automobiles

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